About me


Hi there beauties!15134533_10154737407636060_984308170796268652_n

I’m Ana, just another girl exploring the cosmetics world. I’m obsessed with beauty products and I love finding out new ways to improve my health and wellness.

I like discovering the benefits of natural remedies and learning how to add those to my beauty routine, so experimenting with homemade masks, scrubs and treatments is something I do on a daily basis. It’s amazing how nature can benefit our beauty and health.

I’m also a huge makeup lover so hoarding makeup and trying out products is my thing. I enjoy makeup talk and I’d be glad to support makeup artists/hairstylists and share the love.

I’ve decided to give it a go and start this blog; to share knowledge, meet beauty obsessed girls like me and exchange some tips and stories.

Other things I’m mad about: dogs, coffee, photography, books, naps, writing, cooking, warm bubble baths, documentaries, antiques, tattoos, movies, poetry.

Hope you enjoy my blog!