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Homemade Sugar Scrub Hearts

  Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s time to pick out the perfect gift for your special someone. Whatever you’re planning to get, adding a personal touch to your present is always a […]


DIY Homemade Makeup Remover Pads

  If you read some of my posts I’m sure you already know that I always look for natural alternatives to beauty products. Lately I’ve been removing my makeup with coconut oil and (out of […]


DIY: Natural homemade pillow mist

We all know that having your 8 hours of beauty sleep can improve your skin and fight off those puffy eyes and dark under eye circles. But every now and then we have those nights […]


DIY: Homemade foot soak

Foot soaks are just awesome: they feel great and even provide some health benefits. Having your feet soaked in warm water will help you relax, and adding some ingredients will cleanse and improve your skin […]


DIY: Homemade anti – acne spray

If you have acne prone skin, you must know by now that fighting them off is a real struggle. Fighting acne means working on your skin care regimen day and night. Cleaning your face regularly […]


DIY: Natural homemade head to toe exfoliant

Why exfoliate? Exfoliation is a very important part of the skin care routine. It basically means removing old dead cells from the surface of the skin. This treatment improves the skin texture and the best […]