Best Natural Remedies for Hair Growth

Hair growth takes a lot of time and patience. It’s a long process and there are no shortcuts to it, only little boosters that can help speed it up. Before I share the best natural […]


The 10 Commandments of Long, Healthy Hair

Growing out strong, healthy hair is quite a challenge. It’s definitely not as easy as: “Just condition and do regular trims, it’ll grow out”. Well, how should I put this- It won’t grow on its […]


5 Foods for Long, Strong and Healthy Hair

Including healthy eating habits in your lifestyle improves not only your health, but your looks too. A good diet will enhance your natural beauty by perfecting your skin, nails and hair. Besides some basic hair products, […]


DIY: Homemade scalp detox treatment

The toxins from the hair styling products that we use daily can clog roots and cause dead skin cells build-up, leading to dull, damaged, greasy hair and slower hair growth. So, instead of focusing on […]