DIY: Homemade anti – acne spray

If you have acne prone skin, you must know by now that fighting them off is a real struggle. Fighting acne means working on your skin care regimen day and night. Cleaning your face regularly […]


DIY: Natural homemade head to toe exfoliant

Why exfoliate? Exfoliation is a very important part of the skin care routine. It basically means removing old dead cells from the surface of the skin. This treatment improves the skin texture and the best […]


DIY: Turmeric face mask for all skin types

Turmeric powder, also known as the golden spice, has been used as a skin care remedy for centuries. It contains some amazing properties that work great for the skin: anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antibacterial and anti-septic. It’s […]


The 10 commandments of clear skin

Keeping your skin clean is NOT an easy task, especially if it’s naturally oily or too dry, or tends to have acne breakouts.  Doing daily clear skin routines, applying  products, visiting cosmeticians etc. are definitely […]


Natural homemade anti-cellulite scrub

Cellulite has been my enemy for years. I’ve tried gels, lotions, diets, and have always been looking for new solutions for this issue. I’m not overweight, it’s just how my skin type is- sensitive and […]


Homemade face mask for glowing skin

I love natural remedies, and use them more often in my skin care routine than brand products. I like making my own beauty products, and most of the ingredients are always right there in my […]


5 foods that prevent wrinkles

Having a healthy look means having a healthy lifestyle. You must be careful of what you consume if you want to keep your skin young and clear. The saying “Beauty comes from the inside out” […]