DIY: All natural hairspray for instant shine & softness


Hair products in spray bottles are just awesome. There’s something about the easy and even application that makes me purchase them. I recently made myself a natural hairspray, a mixture of some rich nourishing oils distilled in water. I’ve been using it for a month now and I very much love it. I like to spray it all over my hair when I style it right before going out. It gives me a silky, healthy look and smells really nice!

This hairspray will give your hair instant shine and smoothness. Besides that, these natural oils contain some incredible beneficial properties that work for all hair types.

So, if you’re into DIYs, scroll down and check out my recipe!



You will need:

Before using the bottle, make sure it’s clean and dry. Fill it up with just a little less than 60ml of water (¼ cup). Add the oils and mix it up. And that’s it! If your bottle is larger, adjust the ingredients according to the amount of water you fill in.





Apply to dry hair, at the ends or all over.

You can use it as frequently as your hair needs it. If your hair is very dry and damaged, you can quickly nourish it with this hairspray every other day. If your hair is already healthy and strong, you can spray it on to boost up shine when styling it.

Why are these oils good for your hair?

Coconut oil works great for all hair types. It has some amazing properties that moisturize the hair, add softness, shine, thickness, and promote hair growth. It’s my absolute favorite natural oil and I think it’s the most amazing one when it comes to hair repair. This is another quick and easy treatment I like: One ingredient only hair treatment.

Argan oil contains nutrients such as vitamin E and fatty acids that do wonders for the hair. It helps in treating split ends and breakage, improves the texture and makes the hair silkier and shinier.

Jojoba oil is rich in fatty acids and is used for hair moisturizing and conditioning. This natural oil boosts up shine, softness and sleekness, repairs damaged hair, and even stimulates hair growth.





What do you think about this hairspray? Let me know!


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