DIY: Homemade foot soak


Foot soaks are just awesome: they feel great and even provide some health benefits. Having your feet soaked in warm water will help you relax, and adding some ingredients will cleanse and improve your skin and treat some feet issues. Epsom salt, Iodine and vinegar. I’ve been adding these to my bath and I’ve noticed some nice results! By doing a quick online research, I’ve noticed that these 3 ingredients are mentioned the most and recommended by people having all sorts of conditions (e.g. Athlete’s foot, Insomnia). So, I included all three in my foot bath and it turned out great!

Here’s my recipe:

  • 1/8 cup (30ml) of Epsom salt
  • 1/8 cup (30ml) of PVP-I (Betadine)
  • ½ cup (125ml) of vinegar
  • Warm water

Fill up a container with warm water. You don’t need a bathtub, just anything large enough that you can soak your feet in. Add the ingredients, soak your feet, sit back and relax! You’re supposed to let your feet soak for 20-40 minutes. Repeat this every night or at least three times a week.






Why are these ingredients great for you?

Epsom salt is actually magnesium sulfate, meaning you’ll be boosting up your magnesium through your skin. Magnesium can calm your nerves and reduce anxiety, relieve muscle pain and cramping, prevent headaches and osteoporosis, and it’s also good for the heart – improving blood circulation and can even lower blood pressure.

PVP-I , also known as Betadine, is a chemical complex of povidone and elemental Iodine, used for treatment and prevention of infection in wounds. It has antiseptic properties and it’s great for fighting off bacteria, yeasts and skin infections, as well as fungi – which makes it a good remedy for treating Athlete’s foot. Even if you don’t suffer from Athlete’s foot, adding Betadine to your foot soak will cleanse your feet and help you get rid of any bacteria.

Vinegar is also known for treating Athlete’s foot, because of its antifungal properties. Adding vinegar to your foot soak will not only cleanse your feet and fight off bacteria, it will also treat bad odor, soothe the skin and help remove rough skin and dead cells.

Lastly, I want to warn you about the smell. This foot soak smells very VERY bad, but I don’t think it’s something that can’t be handled. After all, those benefits make it so worth it!

After soaking your feet, you could continue treating yourself by doing a pedicure. Check out how: DIY at – home pedicure: step by step guide to pretty feet

Hope you’ve found this post helpful!

Xoxo, Ana.

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