DIY: natural lip scrub for smooth, soft lips


If you have dry lips all the time, you probably need to use something more than a lip balm. Taking care of your lips is important and it should definitely be included in your skin care regimen. Having a lip scrub every once in a while is a good idea and a great way of treating your lips. Because who doesn’t want a smooth, soft lip?

I’ve had dry lips my whole life and they get awfully cracked during the fall and winter season. Using lip balm and lip butter on a daily basis has helped me heal them, but most importantly – exfoliating, because nothing works unless you exfoliate.

Moving on to my lip scrub recipe, you will need:


Add 1 teaspoon of sugar in a clean, empty container (brown sugar or white, anything will work). Mix it up with 1 teaspoon of honey and a few drops of olive oil.







Apply the scrub on your lips and massage in circular motions for around 2 minutes. You will feel your lips getting softer and smoother. Rinse off with lukewarm water and let it dry. Apply a lip balm and enjoy the smoothness!

Refrigerate this mixture for further use.

Extra tips:

  • Don’t rub too hard, you don’t want to scar your lips.
  • Make sure you apply the scrub on clean lips – remove any makeup before doing this treatment.
  • Use organic honey and olive oil for best results.
  • Repeat this treatment once or twice a week, depending on your needs.
  • Always apply a lip balm after exfoliating.

Why are these ingredients good for your lips?

Sugar is proven to be a great exfoliator, used for natural scrubs in combination with various oils and ingredients.

Honey contains antioxidants, antibacterial properties and is highly moisturizing and soothing.

Olive oil provides some extra moisture, protection and softness.


I love this scrub because it takes me only 5 minutes to get soft, smooth lips and it smells so amazing!

If you feel like exfoliating all over, check out this recipe: Natural head to toe exfoliant .


Did this lip scrub work for you? Let me know!


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    1. DIY’s are the best! I love crafting in my free time and do all kinds of little projects besides these beauty related ones :).

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