DIY Strawberry Sugar Scrub Kisses – a Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift


Gifting a homemade sugar scrub to your special someone is such a nice way to say I love you on Valentine’s Day!

Last year, I made a couple jars with these heart shaped scrubs and they turned out to be great gifts.  So when I noticed these lip shaped silicone molds a few days ago, I realized I could create a bit different version of my already loved sugar scrub recipe. I picked up shea butter & coconut oil to moisturize the skin, sugar to do the scrubbing, a soap bar to hold the ingredients together, pink coloring for extra cuteness and a tiny bottle of strawberry fragrance oil for a yummy scent. The combination of coconut and strawberries smells so amazing!


These sugar scrub kisses are super easy to make and work well on the skin – I already used one to scrub my hands and lips. Aside from being good moisturizing scrubs, they’re absolutely adorable and could make a cute bathroom décor. As much as I can’t wait to gift them, I want to make another batch for myself!

If you want to add a personal touch to your gift, get creative and use this recipe to send your kisses to your Valentine!

Or pamper yourself with a strawberry scented scrub – I know I will :).



You will need:


Shred the soap base and gather the rest of the ingredients. Melt together the shea butter and coconut oil, stir and add the shredded soap. Mix the ingredients together and add food coloring and strawberry fragrance oil. Lastly, add sugar and stir until you get a thick consistency.


Start placing the mixture in the silicone mold. Use a spoon to fill each mold as much as possible and press down hard to get a full shape and avoid fallout. Put the mold in the freezer and let it sit at least 1 hour, then pop the scrubs out and place them in a container. You can use a simple jar and decorate it with ribbon, a bell jar or a heart shaped box. And that’s it! It’s time to show some love and surprise your Valentine with kisses!


*As mentioned above, I used a very small mold so I had to go back and forth until I used all the mixture. The size and number of scrubs will vary depending on the silicone mold you choose. I recommend getting a larger one or a few tiny molds so you can freeze all the mixture at once.


Would you try out these sugar scrubs? Can you think of anyone that would love them? Let me know in the comments below!


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