10 must – have braids for this summer


Braids are the biggest 2016 hair trend and there are so many amazing styles I can’t wait to try! I’ve always wanted to grow out long hair so I could wear it in all possible braid variations. These are my top 10 picks:

  1. Twin french braids


The biggest hair trend right now- the twin french braids. Outer or inner, they look absolutely awesome! What I like about this hairstyle is that it looks good on anyone and can be done on both long and short hair.


 2. Braids into pigtails

braid-into-pigtail-365beautytips - Copy

A variation of the twin french braids, these braids are turning into pigtails at the ends. So cute! This look can be easily achieved after wearing the twin french braids – you just tie a band at each one and let them loose at the ends.


3. The unicorn braid


This half up ‘do is unicorn inspired and it’s a must try this season! It’s so awesome and can be done both on short and long hair.


4. The pull through braid


For the longest of hairs, this fairytale – like braid is absolutely beautiful! I tried it out and felt like a princess for a day.


5. Reverse braided bun


High buns are the best for the summertime, and adding a braid will definitely glam up the look.


6. Rope braid


Another great hair trend, rope braids are a good choice for any occasion!


7. Ponytail braid


The messy ponytail gets so much prettier with one simple braid. I love messy hairstyles so I wear this one a lot.


8. Loose side braid


The messy loose side braid gives a romantic vibe to your look and it’s so easy to do. A must try! This is the easiest one for me and it takes me just a few minutes.


9. Braided bangs

braided-bangs-365beautytips - Copy

An easy way to glam up the short hair, the side braided bangs are so adorable! I don’t have bangs, but if I ever cut my hair like that I’d definitely try out this hairstyle.


10. Halo braid


This isn’t a new hairstyle, but it’s definitely charming and perfect for the warm weather. Keeps the hair away from your face & neck and gives a romantic, princess look!


Which one is your favorite? Let me know!

Xoxo, Ana.

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