Makeup hack: extend the life of your mascara with this simple trick


I love big, thick lashes and there are days when I use mascara probably more than I should. This is why my mascaras dry out quickly and I end up having clumpy, spider lashes. It takes me around 6 weeks to go through any kind of mascara, sometimes even less, and this is NOT good for my budget. They don’t even get to work till their expiry date. Poor things!

I usually have a few mascaras around but sometimes I end up with one dried out that I had forgotten to replace.

Anyways, I ran across this “prolong the life of your mascara hack” somewhere and Oh –my – God it works!

Basically, all you need to do to extend the life of your mascara is add some eye drops in the tube. It’s simple as that!


You may already have those around your house, and if you don’t, you can get some here. You can use any type of eye drops, e.g. if you wear contact lenses you can use the rewetting drops. What I love about this hack is the safety of it – I don’t want anything suspicious around or in my eyes. So eye drops are actually the safest, best thing you can add in your mascara. I’ve also heard about mixing up natural oils, but no, I haven’t tried that out yet.

This hack won’t ruin the formula – my mascara worked great after doing this (well actually, better than before). It became more fluid and easier to apply and at the same time it stayed dark and did an amazing job. So this hack won’t just extend the life of your mascara – it will also freshen it up and make it work like new.

How to do it:

Remove the top from your mascara, add 2-3 drops of eye drops into the tube, put the top back and rub the wand around inside. And that’s it! Apply your mascara as usual and enjoy your clump – free lashes.



This hack extends the life of my mascaras for another 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t suggest repeating it over and over because that way you could mess up the formula.

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Would you try this out? Let me know!


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