Makeup Trends for Fall 2017 – Guest Post


Artist: Yasmin Khan

Author: Karina Kurani

Fall is the season to wrap yourself in a blanket with a nice cup of hot chocolate. But it doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous! Looking for a way to enhance your beauty this fall? Don’t worry! We got you covered!

Here is a short list of our favorite makeup trends for fall 2017.

Bronze/Brown Eyeshadow

A light copper shimmer is perfect in combination with a deep brown eyeshadow. Apply the copper shade on the inner corner of your eye, while the darker brown is applied on the outer corner – as shown here in the work of the makeup artist Serena Bevilacqua. This will instantly bring out your eyes, giving them an intense look.


Artist: Serena Bevilacqua

Red Lips

Channel Marlyn Monroe! Red lipstick is a well known classic. Besides, it’s a way to spice up your look if the rest of your makeup is toned down.

The “No Makeup” Makeup Look

Makeup is made to enhance the natural beauty! Low key , effortless makeup is never a wrong choice. Makeup artist Yasmin Khan gives us a perfect example. It literally looks like “you woke up like this”. The look is fresh and easy on the eyes.


Artist: Yasmin Khan

Dark Brown Lips

The retro look is back in style. Let’s be bold and embrace it. Dark lips go well with any skin tone and it’s a fun way to change things up. Choose light tones in the summer and darker colors in the fall.

Bold Eyebrows

Ok let’s talk eyebrows. Bold eyebrows are a great way to make a statement this fall. Also fuller brows would perfectly compliment you if you are going for the more natural or nude makeup look.


Artist: Yasmin Khan

Intense Lashes

Full, voluminous lashes are never out of style. They instantly give your eyes a more dramatic dressed up appearance. Use pastel colors on the rest of your face, so it will not look like it’s too much.

Soft Blush

It’s best not to over use the blush in the fall. Just a touch on your cheek is enough. It will give your face a crisp fall look.


Subtle Cat Eye

Perfect for any season, for any occasion, anytime anywhere! Brings out your eyes, while flattering your face.

Darker Nails

Switch from bright summery colors to deeper fall tones, such as brown, burgundy and even black!


Bold Lines

Use your eyeliner around your eyes. Go all out on this one. With this trend we can forget about the eyeshadow all together. This look is definitely on the edgy side. It’s perfect for those days when you are feeling a little bit like a glam-punk diva.

Fall is the perfect time to go for bold and brave looks so don’t be afraid to experiment! Choose a trend that suits you best and wear it with confidence!



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