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Holiday season is coming, and everyone’s slowly preparing for fun decor and gift giving. Can you guys believe this year is almost over? I still can’t wrap my mind around it, seems like I wrote about dewy summer makeup just yesterday. Time flies so fast. Anyways, as  I was scrolling through my wish list I thought about sharing some items with you all. It’s a list full of cute products that I’ve been swooning over and I think they’d make great gifts for any makeup lover. I’m going to break it down in little gift – guide series of posts, since I’ve found some awesome makeup organizers, brushes and palettes. So if you know someone that’s into beauty, or you’d like to get some ideas on beauty products – stay tuned!

I’m starting with room décor, more precisely – décor for makeup lovers. These items are perfect for glamming up a beauty room or just upgrading your makeup vanity. Check out my picks!

Mirror lamps


Cute and multipurpose, this vanity mirror can be used as a night lamp, lighted makeup mirror and organizing tray.


The bunny ears on this one are just adorable and you can use it as a lighted mirror and a night lamp.

LED lighted letters


While we’re at lights, check out these awesome letter signs! You can pick up a few and create words, or use just one and have a warm light in your room. They can be hanged on a wall and placed on shelves.

Throw pillows

Glam up your pillows with these cute makeup inspired cases!


“Lash out” pillow case


“I like long, romantic walks to the makeup aisle” pillow case


“Wake up and makeup” pillow case

Decorative tray

I usually keep my go-to products in little trays. Their size is great for primers, concealers and lipsticks – just the things I use every day that aren’t stored in my organizer boxes. So not only are these adorable, they’re pretty useful too!


“Hello Gorgeous” trinket dish


“XOXO” trinket dish


Organizer tray with 2 tiers


Mirrored decorative trays

Makeup mug


This mug had me cracking up! It totally sums up my routine and my habit of always being late. I use mugs as brush holders, so this one could be a practical item. Or you can just put it on display cause it’s so funny!


Makeup storage doesn’t always have to be dull and colorless. A hint of rose gold and a cute pattern can add so much glam to your room and make all the difference. These storage boxes will help you keep your makeup in place and stand out as gorgeous pieces of decor at the same time!


Beautify Makeup Cosmetic Organizer Train Case


Beautify Large Rose Gold Spotted ‘Fabulous’ Makeup Cosmetic Organizer


Cream Vintage-Style Steel Storage Trunk Set with Rose Gold Handles by Beautify

Wall decor

On to the less practical part – wall décor. These items might not be useful but they’re all oh so pretty!


Handmade print by Violet Veil Design


“Just a girl who loves her makeup” print by Violet Veil Design


“Hello Gorgeous” handmade print by Designs by Maria


Removable glitter lips wall sticker.


What’s your favorite piece of decor? Do you know anyone that would love these items? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a few cents for every purchase through these links. It won’t cost you anything extra but you will get to support my blog! 🙂

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  1. I love the prints, great wall decor! 🙂 I’d really like to decorate more here but we are house hunting so I’m not going to do too much unless the perfect place shows up quickly! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! We are having a quiet one today as it’s too hot to be outside while we’re sick – dealing with sick toddlers!

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