10 nail designs you have to try this summer!


The bright sun, warm weather, ocean breeze- it’s the perfect time to wear colorful clothing, makeup, as well as nail designs. Don’t be afraid to mix up colors and make your nails pop!

I’ve researched the latest nail trends, scrolled through some amazing nail art on Instagram and picked out my summer favorites…

Check them out!


1. Beach inspired nail design


Instagram: nailsbyfreckles

Inspired by the beach, this nail design captures the beauty of the summertime- the ocean breeze, warm weather and fun times at the beach. And look at that cute crab!






2. Mermaid nails


Instagram: nailsbyannaxo

Choose this beautiful design and feel like a mermaid!








3. Palm tree nail design


Instagram: nailsbyfreckles

This gradient tropical inspired look is perfect for sunny days at the beach.








4. Sunset nails


Instagram: ane_li

Inspired by  beauty of the sunset, this gradient nail design is a summer must-have.








5. Watermelon nails


Instagram: nailsbycambria

Simple and cute, this delicious looking nail design will add some extra sweetness to your summer!








6. Floral nail design


Instagram: nailsbyjema

Flowers, of course! A floral nail design is a must have this season, and I hope it never goes out of style.








7. Flamingo nails


Instagram: hemmyberlin

So cute, and the colors fit together so perfectly. Flamingos are so popular right now, appearing on clothing, accessories, and manicures…Make sure you add these to your style!










8. Water marble nail design

watermarble-nails-365beautytipsInstagram: cutepolish

Beautiful bright colors mixed together, a water marble nail design is always a great idea.








9. Pineapple nails


Instagram: cutepolish

Can’t get enough of cutepolish. Love her designs, and this one is just way too cute – it had to be on my list.








10. Ice cream nails


Instagram: nailsbtty

Another delicious looking nail design, ice cream nails are a sweet touch to your summer look!







Would you rock these nail designs? Show some love and share this post!


Xoxo, Ana.

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