Avon eye shadow primer review


The Avon eye shadow primer is one of those products that you just fall in love with and keep coming back to. At least it worked that way for me. I recently purchased another one of these little helpers and thought about mentioning it on here.


So here’s the deal: I have oily lids. Seriously, my lids aren’t capable of holding eyeshadow for more than an hour or two, and I mean any eyeshadow – high end, drugstore, cream, powder or baked, any type really. So I’ve always needed a good primer and of course a setting spray to just keep my makeup in place and avoid the annoying creasing on my lids. After finishing up my Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion I was lucky enough to come across this Avon eyeshadow base. And guys, it is soo good! I honestly was surprised by the quality, considering the price and well, my experience with other Avon makeup. But after using so many of their products I can say they truly are a hit or miss. This one’s a hit!

I got it in “light beige” and it cost me 4 $.



The packaging is a little glass jar and I absolutely love the design. However, I prefer primers in tubes, cause the product is sealed inside and it doesn’t come in contact with air. In this case, every time you open the jar the product dries out a little. I’m talking about months of use but still, as I finished it up I noticed how drier the formula became and I believe the packaging is to blame.


The formula is just great: creamy at first and it sets to a matte dry finish. What I like about it is that it sets in really fast and I don’t have to wait before moving on with my makeup. It goes on really smooth and brightens up my eyes, so I actually use it on (rare) days when I don’t put any eyeshadow on.


This base prevents creasing, smudging, fading and brings out the eyeshadow, making the colors appear vivid and rich. I’ve used it with both drugstore and high end products and the result is pretty much the same: my eye makeup stays on throughout the day (or night). More precisely: around 8 hours, which is a lot more than the usual hour or two without previously priming my lids.

Another thing I love is that it takes forever to use it up. I’ve had my first jar for around 8 months, and the product expires in 12 months after opening. The packaging is so small and it may seem like there’s not enough product in but trust me, this thing is very hard to waste.

How to apply it:

Sometimes I use my finger but I think this product works best when applied with a brush. It sets in really quickly so you have to work fast. Apply it all over your lid and up to your brow bone, using light, fast motions. Dab just a little on the brush, you don’t need a lot of product for covering the eye area. I don’t recommend adding up a lot and building layers because that way it tends to move around and get messy.

You might need a few tries, but once you learn how to work with it, I guarantee you’ll love it.


Overall, I recommend this eyeshadow base to everyone, especially girls with oily lids. I mentioned the Urban Decay primer potion earlier and compared to that one this isn’t that good, but comes very close. And for such a low price that’s pretty amazing!


What is your favorite eyeshadow primer? Let me know!

Xoxo, Ana.

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