Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact in Bronze: Review and Swatches


Hey lovelies! It’s been a while since my last product review and I can’t wait to share my new incredible makeup with you all! Today I want to talk about one of my recent favorites – the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. I’ve wanted to own a Bobbi Brown product for such a long time, but somehow always got distracted by other brands and a lot of times I just couldn’t afford a high end haul. Anyways, I was so happy to finally pick up this compact. Out of all the samples I got to play with this one just screamed my name! I’m all about dewy skin & that luminous glow and this looked like it would give some life to my collection of all matte bronzers and contour powders.


This shimmer brick isn’t new at all – I’m aware that it’s been out for years but I’m so obsessed with it I just have to feature it on my blog!

The product

A shimmer brick compact in Bronze containing 10.3g of product – I got it in a set with a mini face blender brush but it’s also available on its own. I was on an international flight and got the set for around 50$ which seemed like a pretty good deal compared to buying the compact alone.


Bobbi Brown claims:

“What it is- The original Shimmer Brick Compact. This shimmering, brush-on powder creates a deep, bronzy glow.

Why it’s different- Handmade in Italy, this compact features superfine pigments that reflect radiance and light.

How to use- Sweep the Face Blender Brush (sold separately) through all five shades of the Shimmer Brick Compact and dust lightly on cheekbones after Blush. Focus on applying shimmer on the top of cheekbones—where light naturally hits the face—for the most flattering look.”

It’s available in 5 shades ranging from hot pink to deep bronze: “Rose”, “Nectar”, “Pink Quartz”, “Beige” and “Bronze”. The product is multi – purpose so I picked the deepest bronze palette because I knew I would use it all over. I prefer warm brown & copper eyeshadow tones and bronzed cheeks over pink/peachy shades.

I mentioned the versatility: this palette is very practical and can be used as an eyeshadow palette, a highlighter, bronzer or a shimmery blush. This makes it great for makeup beginners or anyone that doesn’t like piling up tons of products. It’s also perfect for on the go because you can do a full makeup look with one single compact, adding only a foundation and mascara in your makeup bag.


The packaging has the signature features of Bobbi Brown’s makeup line: all black with the white logo lettering on top. It’s simple, elegant and luxurious. I’ve always been drawn to the simplicity of this package design – they remind me of designer brand makeup like Marc Jacobs, Dior and Chanel. What’s not to love here?


It fits in the palm of my hand and you have to press this little button to open it. There’s no way it will open up on its own and make a mess in your makeup bag. I love the huge mirror inside and well, the overall packaging.


There are 5 different shades in this shimmer brick:

  • a light golden cream
  • a champagne pink
  • a coppery bronze
  • a rose gold
  • a deep bronze

All of these shades are just stunning! Each individual shade has a beautiful shimmer with a gold undertone and you can combine them to create a nice coppery smoky eye. Mixed together, they create a shimmery bronze shade and give the most gorgeous glow! Sweeping this shade on my cheeks makes my skin look dewy and luminous. I wouldn’t say it’s a blinding highlight, it’s more of a subtle, healthy glow.


Don’t really want to use the term “sun-kissed”, but I swear this thing does make my skin glow in such a warm, beautiful way! I’m quite pale, so I’m always on the look for products that would warm up my complexion without being orangey and weird. That being said, I think this shimmer brick is pretty much universal and could work for all skin tones, especially deeper ones. Those gold undertones would look even more beautiful on darker skin!


The formula is absolutely amazing. I’m starting to think that by now I sound like I’m being sponsored by Bobbi Brown (duh, I wish!). Guess I just stumbled across another awesome piece of makeup.

Anyways, the formula is great, the texture is super soft and feels luxurious. The shadows are very pigmented and long lasting. I would apply it on my cheeks in the morning and it would last all day long. No fading, no smearing, no fallouts – that glow stays on!

As for the eyes – nothing can ever sit on my lids for like 12 hours without creasing. These shades held up for at least 6 hours, which is very good considering how oily my lids get.


Blending this is soo easy! The soft texture makes it set in the skin nicely and work well with other products. It doesn’t move around my foundation and doesn’t get patchy. If you have large pores I recommend using a pore minimizing primer like the Porefessional or this one cause the shimmers can emphasize your pores. I wear both of these primers and it applies beautifully – so there are no issues with my huge pores looking even bigger.

Right after unboxing, I took these photos just because I was afraid that once I swirl the brush all around I’d make a mess. Yeah, I was being silly. The shades didn’t mix together and stayed the same, so while the formula is soft the palette doesn’t get messy.

Blended out & finger swatch:


Swatches in sunlight: just look at that sparkle!


The brush

I don’t usually use brushes that come in palettes, however this one is a hit! The size is just perfect for my cheeks and blending with this brush is so easy, I actually use it to blend out other products. It picks up the powder so well and I need just one swirl in the shimmer brick to define my cheek. I noticed just a tiny amount of shedding in the first use, but after washing it performed well. So yeah, I don’t regret buying the shimmer brick in a set with this mini brush.



This product is officially categorized as a highlighter but the name itself says more: a shimmer brick compact. I see it as a magnificent multi – purpose palette with a collection of 5 shimmers that can be used in any way you please! It reminds me of those bronzing pearls made for enhancing your complexion, where you swirl around different colors. Only this one’s better cause powders are pressed and you can use each one individually.

Here are some ways of use:

Eyeshadow. If you love shiny, shimmery eyeshadows you can definitely create a pretty copper look with this palette. Use the lightest shade to highlight under your brow bone and tear duct and rose gold all over the lid. Apply the darkest shade in your crease to define and deepen your eyes. I like mixing a matte transition color with my shimmery shades, but you can totally do a full look using only shimmers.

Highlight. Use the upper part of the brick for highlighting your face – the highest point of your cheekbones and down your nose. For darker complexions – swirl all over the compact and highlight the areas where the sun naturally hits your face.

Bronzer. Swirl the brush all over to pick up all the different shades and sweep on cheeks. I also love using this on top of a matte bronzer for some extra shine, so whenever I feel like doing a bolder makeup look I layer it up! If you have darker skin, focus on the lower part of the compact to pick up the darker shades and get defined, bronzed cheeks.

Blush. Depending on your skin tone, you can use this little compact as a blush by picking up the rose gold shade. I suggest the other brick shades like “Pink Quartz” and “Nectar” for rosy, blushed cheeks.

Highlighting your body. Yes, I highlight my body! I love to apply highlighter on my neck, collar bones, shoulders and down my legs. Makes my skin look healthy & radiant and enhances my features! However, I’m way too pale for this product so sadly I can’t wear it like that. If you have darker skin though, do give it a try! I think this would look beautiful on tanned skin, that gold undertone is just perfect.


Final thoughts

Overall, I’m impressed by this product (pretty sure you’ve realized that by now). Although it’s so shimmery, it’s not “in your face”, “blinding” kind of highlight. I think it’s perfect for a natural makeup look and everyday use. The quality is up there so I can’t really comment the high price. It’s totally worth it.

Cons I can think of? It might enhance your pores, so you should use a pore minimizing primer like I mentioned above. Another thing – the bars are quite thin, so going in with a large brush for only one shade might be difficult. This is impossible if you want to pick up one shade with a blush brush, however dipping in any eyeshadow brush is very easy.


If you don’t feel like spending so much on a shimmer brick compact, you can always check out some dupes! Drugstore brands are getting better by the day and there are some amazing dupes out there to high end products. Best thing is, prices remain low! I did a little research on what comes close to the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compacts and I found these two products: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips and Makeup Revolution Vivid Shimmer Brick.

They look very similar to me, but I haven’t tried any and can’t really vouch for the formula. Let me know if you have these!


What are your favorite bronzers and highlighters? Would you recommend any other Bobbi Brown product? What do you think about this shimmer brick compact? Let me know in the comments below!

*This post contains affiliate links, meaning I get a few cents for every purchase through these links. It won’t cost you anything extra but will support my blog! 🙂



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  1. Lovely. Sometimes I wish I was more into makeup! I’ve thought about it, especially now that I am a manager, but I value my sleep. When it comes down to it, I’ll sleep those extra ten minutes versus putting makeup on.

  2. Ohhh you should totally do a video on how to use this. I’m not good at using makeup. I just do what I know and do that alone… ha. These colors are so pretty!

    1. Hey Amanda! I’m actually VERY camera shy 🙁 that’s why you can only see my poor hand swatches :). Maybe future me would loosen up and start making tutorials, who knows… 🙂

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