Dior Diorific Nail Polish in “Emerald”: Review & Swatch


This Christmas, I’m wearing a precious nail polish – Diorific Vernis in Emerald! That’s right, a month ago Dior launched a Precious Rocks 2017 Holiday Collection, and the shades are just stunning…

Before I dive into this review, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and lots of love, peace and joy. This will be my last post this year and I’m hoping all you beauties have a wonderful holiday time with your loved ones!


Back to the polish – I figured this would be a nice product to review this time of year and share my first ever nail polish review. I got this little gem as a gift and it’s surely the most unusual shade for my nails. At first I thought there’s no way I could pull off this look, but as soon as I painted my nails I proved myself wrong (also, received a lot of compliments from my friends, so, yay!). I’m definitely getting out of my comfort zone which usually consists of reds and neutrals.

Dior claims


The sparkling, vibrant tones of Diorific Vernis nail polishes reflect the brilliance of precious rocks.


Four new, exclusive shades have been added for the Precious Rocks collection: Ruby, an irresistible cabernet red; Grenat, a deep red; Emerald, an alluring green; and Amethyst, a dark plum.



The polish comes in a little gold cardboard box with the logo and description in black lettering. The exciting part is, of course – the bottle. I’ve never owned a prettier nail polish bottle than this one, ever! I love the shape, the golden top and the subtle lettering…Just stunning! It’s heavy and looks and feels high quality. I also like how the top is shaped for a good grip, which allows better movement and a precise application.



Emerald is described as an alluring green, but to me, it’s much more than that. At first, it was clearly a teal, even turquoise color, but as the day went by and the lights changed, I started seeing the green tones. I’d say this shade is a mixture of both and that’s what makes it so special. I definitely don’t have anything like it in my nail polish collection!


The finish is metallic and the gold shimmers shine through as the color changes under different lighting. This shade is perfect for the holiday season, but I can easily see it placed among summer shades because the blue tone reminds me of the ocean and mermaid inspired polishes that came out this year. So yeah, I’m totally gonna wear it this summer!


I really like the rounded brush and how I managed to coat my nails without staining my fingers. The polish went on smoothly, evenly and without any streaks.


The formula is quite sheer and you can’t get full coverage with only one coat. This is common for metallic polishes, so I suggest using two or three coats for that intense pigmentation.


I applied two thick coats and got this gorgeous color – as I mentioned earlier, the application is even so the shade builds up nicely. It took no time to dry and I didn’t have to wait long between coats. I wore it for around 4-5 days before it started chipping, so I’d say it’s very long lasting!


If you’re looking for a unique, statement nail polish shade I suggest you get this precious Diorific color! The packaging and quality are truly amazing, and being a part of a holiday collection, it’s limited edition. The only thing I don’t like is the price – to me it’s too expensive and I wouldn’t purchase it. However, if you do have the budget and you’re up for a splurge…Go for it!


What do you think about this nail polish? Would you give it a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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