Lancome Grandiose mascara review and swatch


The Lancome Grandiose mascara is one of my favorite products this year. It’s not a new product but I got to try it out just a few months back and I love it! I got it in a set with their Artliner for 49$ at the airport (separately they cost around 30$ each).


I got it in 01 Noir Mirifique.

So the special thing about this mascara that makes it stand out among others is its wand. Lancome designed and patented this ‘Swan-Neck™’ wand to provide access to all lashes and quick, easy application.



At first I was skeptical: looking at this strange curved wand thinking it’ll be difficult to use. I was so wrong! First time using it, I was amazed. It took me a minute to apply the product and I got to cover ALL my lashes, even the shorter ones. I got access to each corner of my eyes and coat all lashes because of its small sized brush and curved wand. The application of this mascara is easily the fastest one from my whole makeup routine – there’s no need to be too careful with your moves because this little brush makes things easier, so there’s no way you’ll mess up your eye makeup. It’s just perfect for quick touch – ups on the go. Overall, I love the design and wish more mascaras were made like this.



The packaging is so beautiful! The little rose at the top makes it so elegant and pretty. I fell in love with it and won’t ever throw it away.


The formula is very good. I didn’t really love it right away, but I always give my mascaras some time before I form my opinion. Usually I make my decision after the third or fourth application, just because most mascaras are watery and messy at first. And on day four, I decided I’m keeping this! It lifts up my lashes, defines them and gives amazing length. It makes my lashes so dark and I think blonde girls would love it. It does make them fuller, however I wish I could get some more volume, because that’s what I’m always expecting from any mascara.


I really like how little I need to apply to cover all of my lashes. The photo below shows my eyelashes done with just one dip from the tube. It’s been a while since I’ve started using it and it still hasn’t dried out, so I think it’ll last long before I use it up. I usually waste my mascaras in less than 2 months (applying endless coats!) and that won’t be the case with this one.

Shine 100%

It doesn’t smudge, fade or flake, and for a mascara that’s not waterproof that’s pretty amazing. I’ve had it on for more than 10 hours a day and it has always stayed on, so yes, it is long lasting!

One thing I didn’t particularly like was removing it. I use eye makeup remover on cotton pads and swipe over my eyes, removing all makeup. But in the morning, I can see little black lines under my eyes and this doesn’t really happen with my other mascaras. So yes, it does provide easy application, but the removing part is a bit difficult.

Over to the pros & cons:


  • Long lasting
  • Smudge proof
  • Doesn’t flake
  • Defines lashes
  • Lengthens lashes
  • Makes lashes fuller and darker
  • Provides access to all lashes
  • Easy application
  • A little goes a long way
  • Clump free lashes


  • Doesn’t provide enough volume (at least for my taste)
  • Difficult to remove completely
  • Pricey


Would I buy it again? Honestly I wouldn’t – not because I don’t love it, I just don’t think I can afford to use it regularly.

However, I do recommend this mascara to every high- end makeup lover. I also recommend it to makeup beginners just because applying it is so easy and there’s no way you’ll mess up your eyeshadow using this. So if you feel like trying it out, get one here!

To freshen up your mascara and getting to use it just a little longer, check out this hack.I’m definitely doing this trick to my Lancome Grandiose!


Have you used this mascara? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Lancome Grandiose mascara review and swatch

    1. Oh thank you Divya! That’s the look I get from just one dip in the tube 🙂
      I also recommend Maybelline mascaras, they’re very good and the Lash Sensational is my favorite 🙂 Give it a try! x

    1. I’ve tried the Too Faced one and it’s amazing, it does take some effort to get off but that’s the case with all waterproof mascaras 🙂

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