Revlon PhotoReady™ Primer, Shadow + Sparkle “Impressionist” review and swatch


As I mentioned in my previous post, I got a cute gift containing Revlon products: a Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede lipstick and Revlon PhotoReady eye shadow palette. I tried out the palette today, so here’s part 2:


Revlon PhotoReady™ Primer, Shadow + Sparkle in Impressionist



This eye shadow palette offers 5 different shades and there’s a little diagram on the back showing where to apply and how to use them. According to it, one shade is actually a primer and the other glittery one comes as a top coat. The other 3 work as regular eye shadows for the lid, crease and brow bone. I got it in ”Impressionist”.




The packaging is not easy to open up so it surely won’t make a mess in your makeup bag. I love the size and the lightness of it, making it great for carrying around and taking it anywhere. I also like the way the eye shadows are shaped.




The shades are just beautiful, a neutral combination of a lighter and a darker brown shade for the lid and crease, and a light champagne shade for the brow bone.  There’s this nice, subtle shimmer to them which I absolutely adore. I think they’re perfect for a neutral, every day look and I would use them on days when I don’t want to go too bold with my makeup. However, I don’t like and wouldn’t use the last one, the pink glittery top coat. I don’t like adding glitter to a simple, neutral look and I think these shades already come with a pretty, shimmery glow and don’t need any more glitter to top them up.


The pigmentation is good, but not great. These eye shadows are pigmented and quite easy to blend, but you’re gonna have to build up the color and add more than 1 layer of shadow. Of course, you’ll need a makeup brush because the little sponge applicators that go with this palette won’t do any work.




So the formula is good and the shadows blend easily, but they seem to be just a bit chalky. I’ve noticed some fallout while applying and had to remove those bits under my eyes. This is the only thing I don’t like about this palette. Another thing that confused me was the shade that’s supposed to be a primer. It’s not creamy at all and it feels just like the other shadows, so I’m not sure if it works as a primer. However, it’s a nice light shade and can be used as a highlighter applied on the brow bone or on the inner corners of the eyes.




So overall, aside from being a bit chalky, the shadows are pigmented, apply evenly, blend easily and most importantly – they’re long lasting.  I’ve had them on for a few hours and I noticed some creasing at around 5 hours after applying them, which is great, considering I have oily lids and I did not apply any setting spray.


In conclusion: I would use this little palette again and purchase it in another shade. I think it’s great for beginners because of the included how – to on the back, the neutral colors and subtle shine. Definitely worth trying it out since it’s very affordable (around 10 $) and offers great quality for a drugstore brand. Choose the shades that you like the best here if you want to give this palette a try!


What do you guys think of my review? Did I miss out anything? Let me know what you think!

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