7 showering tips for better skin – improve your skin under the shower!


You probably guessed where I got the idea for this blog post right? As I felt the hot water running down my skin I thought “I have to stop boiling my skin under a hot shower, this is bad”. Then I picked up my loofah brush and I was like “Eh, I’ll wash it tomorrow”. No wonder I get breakouts and backne!

Taking a shower might be the simplest part of the skin care routine, but there are some little mistakes we all do while showering that can cause skin irritation, acne, breakouts and similar skin issues.

I’ve come up with some basic tips that can improve your skin and leave it squeaky clean:

Know the order of things

This may seem silly, but things you do in the shower have to be in a certain order. A lot of people have admitted that they’ve been showering the wrong way their whole life. So, what’s the order? Hair comes first. The bacteria and dirt from your hair will transfer onto your skin so it’s logical that you wash your body after, not before washing your hair. Same goes for conditioning – you might apply a conditioner and wash your body while it’s left on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse it off. Well, it’s best to stop this. Conditioners will also transfer on your shoulders and back and will promote sebum production, which will lead to bacne appearance. So simply put: showering should start at your head, and end at your feet. Do a foot scrub or wash when you’re done washing your body.

Wash your tools

Loofahs, brushes and gloves are all excellent picks for exfoliation, but if you use these, you have to be a little careful.  These helpful tools scrub off dead skin cells from the body and work great as long as they’re clean. Chances are you leave them in the shower right after you finish using them. This is wrong because the bathroom is a humid place, which is the perfect environment for bacteria. The dirt you left on your loofah will eventually spread and the next time you shower won’t be so cleansing – you’ll end up transferring the bacteria back to your skin. So, make sure to keep your loofah clean. After each use, place it out of the shower and let it dry. Wash it every week or twice a week, in a laundry machine or by hand.  Also, don’t keep the same loofah, brush, or a pair of gloves for ages. They lose their exfoliating properties over time and it’s more hygienic to change them after 3-5 months of use.


Avoid hot showers

I know that warm water feels the best, but it’s actually not so good for the skin. Hot showers dry out the skin and can even irritate it. So, instead of burning yourself in the shower, try using lukewarm water. Cold showers are very refreshing and healthy, and are known to improve skin and hair, even stimulate weight loss. But I guess they’re just not for everyone, certainly not for me! So I choose to avoid the heat by finding some balance and sticking to lukewarm water.

Choose the right product for your skin

Choosing the right cleansing product is crucial if you have dry, sensitive skin. Strong scented products are usually containing more chemicals and are no good for your skin. You should change those with milder ones. Look for pH balanced soaps or shower gels and creams, these will work great for your skin. Products with higher pH are irritating the skin so you should avoid these.

Rinse off thoroughly

How well are you rinsing off? This is important, because the bath products you use are not meant to stay on your skin or hair. Having shampoo leftovers on your hair will make it look greasy and also irritate the scalp. Same goes for the skin, leaving soaps and body washes on can cause dryness. So, make sure you rinse thoroughly.

Dry gently

Pat your skin dry instead of using your towel to rub. Rubbing causes dryness and irritation, especially if you’ve already exfoliated your skin. So take your time and be gentle with your skin.

Same goes for your hair, rubbing it with a towel can cause damage, so it’s best to wrap it up and leave it on until the water is absorbed.


Apply a lotion right away

The best time to apply a lotion is right after you’ve done patting. The moisturizer will soak into the skin best when it’s  just a little damp. So don’t wait until you’re completely dry and give your skin the right moisture.

If you’re trying your best to maintain your skin healthy and clear, you might want to check out my top 10 skin care tips.

7 ways to improve your skin

Thank you for reading my post! Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.


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