The 10 commandments of clear skin


Keeping your skin clean is NOT an easy task, especially if it’s naturally oily or too dry, or tends to have acne breakouts.  Doing daily clear skin routines, applying  products, visiting cosmeticians etc. are definitely important beauty chores, but without keeping up with the basics, you can’t expect to have great results.

I’ve picked out ten rules that work for me, and these are the simplest, basic things that we all sometimes fail to do.


 1. Don’t forget to remove your makeup


Never ever go to bed with your makeup on.

The makeup remains work while you sleep. And they do a bad job. Makeup blocks the pores and oil glands and doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, leading to acne breakouts and premature aging. Sleeping with your eyeshadow and mascara on can cause irritation, dryness, redness and even an eye infection. Not removing your lipstick can lead to dry and chapped lips.

No matter how tired and sleepy I am, I always make sure to remove any makeup from my face before I go to bed. So, next time you feel like avoiding this rule, just think about all the wrinkles, acne, even sight issues you can cause just by not doing this simple bedtime routine. Make the time and remove that makeup! Your skin will be thankful.

If you’re looking for a natural and inexpensive way of removing your makeup, check out these homemade makeup remover pads .


2.Hands off!

Keep your hands off your face. Especially when you’re out, touching items like door handles, money, your phone  etc., or doing something so simple like resting your face on your palms. There’s bacteria spread on basically everything we get in touch with, so make sure you don’t get those germs on your face! And no matter how bad you want to pop that zit you just noticed, don’t! Treat it correctly, apply an anti – acne cream and let it do it’s work. Even when you wash your face and apply products, make sure your hands are clean.

*Extra tip: cell phones are a MAJOR bacteria source, picking up germs from surfaces or just from touching with dirty hands. Your phone is an item that’s ALWAYS in touch with your skin, so you have to make sure you clean it regularly. Clean the surface of your phone with a wet wipe daily (if it’s too wet, dry it off a little before you do the cleaning so you won’t damage your phone).


3.Keep your fabrics fresh


I’m talking about clothing, bed sheets, pillow cases, towels. Again, everything that gets in touch with your skin, in this case- the items that are in contact with your skin for the longest time of the day (and night). Make sure you sleep on a clean pillow case (wash it every three days), and cover with a clean sheet. When it comes to clothing, never keep on the same clothes after working out- sweaty clothes can cause acne and skin irritation. Towels that you use for your face; why should you wash those regularly-  they’re used right after you clean your face, right? Well, this is a very common mistake. The wetness causes bacteria to grow and spread on the surface of the cloth, so if you’re wiping your face with the same towel over and over again you’ll just reintroduce your skin to germs. So, make sure you wash those towels after 2-3 uses (same goes for hand towels).


4.Wash your hair

I know it sounds silly, but a clear skin is very close related to clean hair. We all have those bad hair days where we don’t have time or patience to deal with the hair. But dirty hair causes dirty skin- especially if it’s long and falls down  your shoulders and back. So, think about this- it’s bedtime, and you’ve followed the commandments above: removed your makeup, cleaned your phone and put on some clean sheets on your bed. And then you lay down with your unwashed hair, spreading the bacteria on your clean pillow case and face while you sleep. Doesn’t make sense right? So, make sure you keep your hair clean, or as an alternative (if you’re reaaally sleepy/busy) – away from your face! You can put it in a bun and have a nightcap on…And have sweet, fresh dreams!


5.Have your beauty sleep

Since I’ve mentioned bedtime, I have to admit that this commandment is my favorite. Sleeping has some serious health benefits, and a healthy body produces some good looking healthy skin cells! No matter how busy you are, you have to make time for your sleep, for your beauty and overall health. Lack of sleep can cause skin issues (wrinkles and bad complexion), and we all have experienced the under eye bag look- not fancy at all, right? The recommended sleep duration is around 8 hours, and I have no problem with adding another hour or two to it!

Some more tips on bedtime beauty routine: 6 night time beauty tricks to wake up beautiful .



6. Break bad habits

Smoking and drinking are huge don’ts! These bad habits are ruining your health and your skin. Cigarettes and alcohol cause bad skin, premature aging and breakouts. Smoking changes your complexion, making your skin look lifeless, dull and ashen. Alcohol dehydrates the body, leaving the skin dry, causing redness and worsening the appearance of spider- veins. Not to mention drugs- of course you should never do any! Eating too much sweets is also considered a bad habit because sugar is causing acne, discoloration and wrinkles. I know that any addiction is hard to quit, but you should at least consider reducing the usage of any of these.


7. Don’t overtreat

Having skin issues is so frustrating and of course, you give your best to improve your skin. That’s great, unless you overtreat. This is a mistake that we’ve all done- trying to have the best skin care possible only to have a side effect and worsen the skin. The disappearance of acne doesn’t get faster the more gels and lotions you apply, and the skin won’t get cleaner the more you wash it. The overuse of skin care products can damage your skin, so to avoid this, you have to follow the instructions written on each product you use.

*Another tip to remember: stick to your products. Changing the product after 1-2 uses can be bad for your skin, and your budget. Depending on the product, it takes from 1 to 12  weeks for it to work. The moisturizers take the least time, from 24 hours to 3 weeks, serums and eye creams reach the full results after 6 to 8 weeks, while acne treatments have the longest range starting from 24 hours and can take up to 12 weeks.


8. Stay hydrated

Don’t forget to drink more water! Water, as simple as it is, comes along with health and beauty benefits.  Dehydration will make your skin look unhealthy and worsen your complexion. Drinking lots of water hydrates your skin inside out, making it clear and glowing. It’s also taking up a big part in the fight against cellulite.


The standard recommended intake of water is about 8 cups a day, but to be more specific, you should take your weight and divide that number in half. For instance, a person who weighs 200 pounds, should drink 100 oz. of water a day to stay hydrated.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should throw away your moisturizer. You will notice the best results if you combine this healthy habit with your daily moisturizer usage.


9. Add vitamins!

Vitamins are essential when it comes to improving your skin from inside out. A balanced meal and healthy supplements can do wonders for your skin.  Not only should you consume them with your meals, you should try implementing these in your skin care products- make face masks or add some vitamins in your daily face creams.


These are best ones for your skin:

  • Vitamin A: helps stimulate collagen production, making the skin glow and look younger. It also decreases sebum production -meaning less acne appearance.
  • Vitamin K: promotes the process of blood coagulation, helping the body heal bruised areas. It has the properties to heal spider veins, scars, reduce stretch marks and remove under eye dark circles when applied topically.
  • Vitamin C: great for any skin type, when applied topically it can reduce the appearance of brown spots and can heal sun damage, reduces wrinkles, brightens and firms the skin! When taken orally, it promotes the effectiveness of sunscreens applied on the skin, protecting the skin from the UV rays. It’s a must-have health supplement!
  • Vitamin E: known as a great moisturizer, this vitamin treats skin inflammation and minimizes the damage caused by UV rays. Apply topically for best results.
  • Vitamin B3: contributing in the production of lipids, great for healing redness when applied topically, this vitamin is essential for the care of the dry sensitive skin. A great moisturizer and antioxidant, it helps in managing skin conditions like rosacea and acne and evens out your skin tone.


10. Protect your skin from UV rays

Last but not least, this is a commandment we should all follow. I know spending time under the sun feels great, but your skin wouldn’t agree. Although we get Vitamin D from sunlight exposure, we also get exposed to radiation. Being exposed to UV rays can cause sunburns, skin damage, eye damage, premature ageing, and in the worst case- it can lead to skin cancer. The same goes for artificial sources of UV rays, such as solarium, so you should reduce the visits to your tanning salons to lower the risk of skin cancer. Make sure to apply a proper sunscreen before you go out in the sun, wear light clothes and sunglasses.

Sun protection


Are there any other basic rules that you follow? Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. These are great tips! I slack and don’t wash our bedding as much as I should … your tip on clean pillowcases totally hit home so I’m gonna do much better now!

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